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Jessica is an artist born and raised in Southern California. After moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2006, she dabbled in a variety of arts including music and costume design, assisting fellow artist friends in many endeavors. In 2009 she decided to take her artistic practice in earnest by pursuing higher education. Four years later she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from FIT, NYC in 2013. Before receiving her BFA, in 2011 she spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, studying at the Italian International Institute, Lorenzo de' Medici.


After her studies, Jessica jumped around the globe a little before returning to New York. In the summer of 2013 she volunteered as an ETA4 teacher (English through Arts, Academics and Athletics Abroad) in Hue, Vietnam. In 2014 she moved to Berlin, Germany, where her paternal grandmother was born. In Berlin she gave birth to two children, Zephyr and Hyacinthe. In 2019 she returned to New York with her Brooklyn-native husband and two children and has been there since. As navigating motherhood poses new challenges for Jessica, it equally informs and enriches her artistic curiosities and expressions.  

"My paintings often capture the intimate moments of motherhood and the extraordinary qualities of everyday objects. Through my process, I have come to realize that the notion of control is illusory. As a parent, I'm acutely aware that I am only a small influence on my children's lives. As an artist, similarly while I apply paint intentionally to the canvas, the painting evolves organically. There is an intriguing parallel between the creative process of painting and the intimate experience of parenting, and my work is a reflection of this notion."

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